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I offer holistic massage especially for women which treats the whole person on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Massage is a wonderful way of reducing stress and calming the nervous system and this treatment is designed to take the client into a deep state of relaxation, easing tired muscles, increasing circulation and allowing for the busy mind to rest.

When one area of the body is gripping or tense, this effects the whole body, so when you are able to release tension, the whole body can ‘let go’, bringing about a sense of ease and improving ones mood and overall well-being.

I use oils infused with essential oils and finish the massage with the meditative sound of my Tibetan singing bowl.

My aim is to help you restore balance to the body and mind.

For more information or to book a massage please contact me on:


Gladey is an experienced and thorough masseuse. I very much enjoyed my massage. I loved that she incorporated scent and sound into the massage. Highly recommended.

Lesley Luton


Sarah J Booker
September 1, 2023 at 4:31 pm


I am interested in attending your Monday morning class, do I need to reserve a place. I am away on holiday so won’t be able to join until 2/10/23.


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